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    Large transport

    Large transport:

    We after years of unremitting efforts, continue to strengthen management, scientific, standardized service and humanity, advocating. Now has a group of professional transport team, mainly engaged in large-scale objects, special equipment, giant equipment transportation, providing professional planning, making transportation plan and the carrier transport services for large enterprises in special equipment.The company own the various special vehicles, vehicle, multiple axis pole vehicle, hydraulic steering lifting frame car, scooter, groove bridge hydraulic steering, hydraulic ultra-low flatbed truck, 13 meters -18.5 meters telescopic scooter etc.. Can undertake all over the country general cargo transportation, engineering machinery and equipment, transport, transport, transport bridge of large chemical equipment giant oversize transportation.

     上海大件運輸物流公司  上海至全國大件運輸貨運  超大件貨運物流運輸

    The company also provides vehicle maintenance repair and large special transportation consulting services free of charge, forming a large hoisting, installation, lifting, transportation planning as one of the through-train transport system.

    Equipment transportation engineering machinery: throughout the country large ( big ) mechanical equipment transportation, large-scale precision equipment, engineering equipment, transformers, excavator, excavator, bulldozer, spin rotation loader, road roller, paver, piling machine, large container boiler construction machinery.

    Transport of awkward cargo: to undertake long, all over the country wide, ultra-high, overweight four super large-scale equipment transportation and special logistics transportation business.

     上海大件運輸專用車 大型機械運輸車物流運輸  專業大件運輸物流服務 

     Air cushion vehicle transport:

    Mainly used in precision instrument, precision semiconductor devices, solar photovoltaic ( LED LCD FTF ) device, glass substrate, aerospace equipment and power machinery, medical equipment, antiques and other special goods.

    My company's existing air-cushion vehicle, with 8-10 balloon, and the deployment of standard plate, van, wide flat plate, type U plate, constant temperature and humidity box, tarpaulin van sets of imported air damping transport vehicle ( ACV ), Benz car full air cushion vehicle 4 vehicles, 5 vehicles at all air cushion air temperature, 3 cars, with the customs supervision qualification. Customs supervision low flat cushion car 6, frame of container transport, and with the customs supervision flatbed ( transit ) big car transport service.

    上海氣墊車運輸服務  上海至全國氣墊車運輸物流   上海氣墊車運輸物流服務



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