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    Characteristics of transport services

    Exhibition Logistics:

    The exhibition is a systems engineering from the group exhibition exhibits transportation, to the stand construction, exhibition itself the withdrawal late booth, interlocking, divorced from any part of the exhibition can not be carried out smoothly. Throughout the exhibition process, the exhibition transport is a play before the war, is the successful completion of the premise of the late work.
    Xinhai Logistics has participated with many national exhibitions, exhibits transportation work, we are guided by a philosophy "exhibition transport detail is everything" and dedicated service in all aspects of the exhibition links, widely acclaimed by our clients, their business advantage further consolidation.
    The 14th Shanghai International Automobile Exhibition in 2011, I co Ambrosius Group accomplished Mercedes - Benz, Germany's Volkswagen, Maybach, Volvo, Ferrari, Maserati and other booth structures perfect match presents a visual feast. 


    10th China International Machine Tool Exhibition (2010 the Beijing International Biennial machine)
    My company since 2003, is a well-known machine tool manufacturers Yamazaki Mazak machine crane installation, and road transport services and become Mazak Technology (Shanghai), Little Giant, Yamazaki Mazak Machine Tool (Shanghai) the only designated logistics provider in Shanghai for many years with the completed machine tool show exhibitions the Yamazaki Mazak (Shanghai), and the little giant. 


    Engineering Logistics:
    The Xinhai Logistics logistics operation dedicated to all kinds of domestic engineering contracting projects, providing a full range of personalized logistics services. Comprehensive analysis of the logistics needs of customers, and improve the overall logistics solutions, to develop a thorough contingency measures to ensure that the mouth a safe and economical way to meet the logistics needs of customers at different stages of the believe that customers will benefit from our professional services.
    Xinhai have logistics in the logistics operation of cement plants, steel mills, power plants, oil and gas refineries and other engineering equipment total accumulated a wealth of experience, to make comprehensive use of various modes of transport, including: road, rail, inland waterway transport, port handling the large equipment workshop in place to ensure the smooth progress of the project.




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