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    Large and special transport

    The new hai de logistics transportation department is one of the important logistics division new hai de Logistics Co. Ltd. was established according to the special transportation market demand. The actual experience of operating workers, nearly thirty experienced marketing and management experts, professional engineering and technical personnel, a comprehensive technology, excellent project management team and the years of large highway transportation, formed a team of professional equipment and special transportation project management team. We provide include transportation and handling, customs clearance, inspection, transportation project design and consulting, transport process troubleshooting escort, multimodal transport, comprehensive special logistics services for various industries, to undertake large goods and relocation of equipment, transport, lifting, hoisting, shift, road, handling and a series of business;

    1) transport vehicles complete
    The existing and the deployment of vehicles covered 30-300T the tonnage, flatbed truck, frame plate, plate, telescopic hydraulic plate cars, including special transport equipment. The air cushion vehicle.

    2) transport experience
    More than ten years, our company successful operation of highway transportation of large mechanical equipment and precision instruments, many transportation practice let me company in the accumulation of rich experience in transportation equipment, so that we can provide a more complete solution transport equipment more professional customers.

    3) cargo security assuranceThe new hai de logistics relying on its own GPS positioning system and mobile phone positioning system, the realization of transport vehicles and drivers in the road condition from time to time management, at the same time, signed a cooperation agreement with the insurance company, as every operation of the vehicle with the insurance support, ensure the quality and safety of goods transport.

    The large range of transport services:
    Company carrying all types of large-scale, special object, super-long, extra-wide, ultra-high, overweight, and other large cargo transportation business.
    Dajian transportation main business, mining equipment, mechanical equipment, plant equipment, aerospace equipment, nuclear power equipment and other special materials transportation,

    Large equipment list
    one,Benz tractors, a group of 540 horsepower.
    Two, flat car hydraulic (Nicholas Shanghai water chemical machinery factory assembly) fourteen axis (850 round fat load of 350 tons)
    Three, Steyr tractor of 420 horsepower four, 380 horsepower four, 320 horsepower six, 280 horsepower eight.
    Four, special flatbed truck (21 meters long, 3.3 meters wide, 0.85) can load 80 tons, six.
    Five, special flatbed truck (24 meters long, 3.3 meters wide, 0.6 meters high) can load 100 tons, two.
    Six, special flatbed truck (14 meters long, 2.6 meters wide, 1 meters high) can load 30 tons, four.
    Seven, truck crane, 50 tons of A.
    Eight, truck crane, 25 tons of A.
    Nine, prepare to recce escort vehicle, truck.

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